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Endüstriyel Depolama

Touch of Quality to Production

Professional Metal Manufacturing Solution Partner

More than 1,000 parts

Serving 6 Different Sectors

Export to 17 Countries

Solution from Design to End Product

Why Misirlioglu?

Production Requires Experience


With over 30 years of experience, from design to production; we process metal meticulously and meticulously. We offer turnkey products from project to shipment.

Competent Staff


Quality products can only be reached with competent personnel. We know the necessity of continuous education and investment in people. With our competent staff, we first understand your requests and then fulfill them.

Quality First


We understand customer expectations and produce without sacrificing the desired quality. We keep the quality/price performance high

The Right Equipment


We invest in the machinery infrastructure required by the era. 96% of the production activities, excluding raw materials, are carried out within the company, and we provide traceable quality and reasonable cost.

Goldsmith Stüdyo

Our Manufacturing Groups

Laser Group

All the needs of the industry are addressed with our Laser Cutting, Robotic Laser Welding and Laser Marking Machines.

Welded Manufacturing

Quality production is ensured under the supervision of Robotic and Manual Welding Stations and Welding Engineers


Precision production is made with CNC Lathe and CNC Machining Center machines

Cut Twist

Cutting-twisting needs are completed in-house with CNC Abkant, Guillotine and Laser Cutting Machines.


The sector is served not only in the manufacturing phase but also in the design part.

Quality control

Precise controls are provided with CMM as well as initial, intermediate and final quality controls.

Types of Products


With the requests received from the customer, the right product is projected and presented to the customer's approval. It is of great importance to find the most accurate design with manufacturability criteria in order to reduce costs.
Production is done by competent personnel with state-of-the-art machinery. Intermediate control stages are determined for production in the desired tolerances. It is ensured that faulty production is not shipped.
Produced products go through quality control stages with measurement methods determined according to customer requests. Necessary support is provided for customer use after shipment. For this support, traceability is ensured at every stage of production.



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