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What are we doing?

Laser cutting

3 Kw 1500x3000 and 6 Kw 2000x6000 Laser Cutting as well as 3Kw Profile-Pipe Laser Machine Contract Cutting is done


Machining is done with CNC machining centers and C axis CNC lathes.

General Engineering

R&D studies are carried out from drawing to design with our authorized engineers.

Welded Manufacturing

All welded productions are made with Gas Metal and Robotic welding stations.

Cutting - Twisting

Along with 135 tons of CNC hydraulics, 4 press brakes and Eccentric presses are manufactured for cutting and bending.

Quality control

In the Quality Control department, precise controls are carried out with the CMM measuring device.

"From the raw material to the final product, it completes every stage of production within its structure and easily responds to the quality and time needs of its customers.
Not only in manufacturing, it also assists its customers in design and engineering with its R&D studies.
With speed and quality coming to the fore in the globalizing world, Mısırlıoğlu has adapted itself to all kinds of manufacturing needs and reaches the result in harmony with its going on."


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